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Comfort-Air®NxMD Elastomeric Respirators

Superior Protection, Greater Comfort, and Environmentally Sustainable

The NEW Comfort-Air®NxMD Reusable Respirator WITHOUT an exhalation valve has proven a 95% in waste reduction and a 90% reduction in costs spent on NIOSH approved respirators!

Canadian Owned, American Made High Grade Reusable Respiratory Protection.

Stay Safe, Stay Sustainable

NIOSH Approved N95 or P100 Filters
Made in the USA!


Air-tight seal. Safer than disposables N95's, with two-way filtration in and out. Disposable respirators have failure rates of 20 – 50% when conducting quantitative fit testing.


Low profile facepiece occupies less of the face while providing greater comfort. Compact shape and cartridges reduce the possibility of interference with other PPE. Cartridges can be adjusted into 3 different positions. Improves visibility & fits under face shields

Proud to Protect & Trusted By

Made for Frontline Professionals, Designed by the Safety Specialists.

The Comfort-Air®NxMDis now recognized and recommended by the ODA (Ontario Dental Association)

“It’s great! The breathability and filtration are much better than the disposable N95s I’ve tried. Breathing is now easy and the mask fit and seal is so much more comfortable. It doesn’t obstruct my view at all, and I can easily wear it with my loupes.”

Dr.Lloyd Hoffman

Less Waste, Less Cost

Reduced filter replacement-less waste.  Reduces consumption costs dramatically.  The Comfort-Air®NxMD boosts an environmental savings of 6,673lbs of waste diverted a year.   The N95 and P100 filter housing can be disinfected and therefore the filter can be reused. Our reusable respirator will reduce consumption by hundreds of thousands and millions of units annually depending on the number of users versus disposable respirators.

The Comfort-AirNxMD is so much more cost-effective! I would pay $3-$4/ per disposable mask and in in a Dental Office, you are easily going through 40 a day. 
If you start crunching the numbers for medium to large offices, you could be spending $30K or more on disposable respirators a year!

Environmentally, the Healthcare industry must move this way towards reusable respirators like the Comfort-Air®NxMD. It doesn’t make sense with the sheer volume of waste from disposable masks, we can’t keep doing this. We have a moral responsibility to make a shift.

Dr. O’Toole

Clear Audio, Clear Communication

Enhanced Comfort: Internal temperature recordings inside the mask are 2° C cooler than wearing a disposable respirator including a surgical style mask.  Say goodbye to face rash and mask acne with Comfort-Air®NxMD’s.

“In terms of comfort, the fit is much gentler on your face, more comfortable and just miles ahead of any disposable option I’ve tried.  Face rashes / acne are no longer a constant issue for our staff”

Dr. O’Toole

About DenTec

Dentec Safety is a leading manufacturer and distributor of safety products in North America since 2004. Dentec Safety is dedicated to providing the highest quality safety products and solutions delivering enhanced value and comfort. Our expertise from decades of experience in Industrial Safety and our innovative design technologies have solidified us as thought leaders in the field. Protection and comfort are at the core of everything we do at Dentec. As a leading manufacturer of Safety Solutions, it is our mission to help organizations do the right thing, keep their employees safe and exceed Industry Health & Safety Standard.

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